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Made With Love Labels

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We can supply a range of sew in made with love labels in either a standard design e.g. made with love by your name or if you have your own logo/design in mind we can also work with you to produce something truly unique to your brand and/or handmade item…. Read more »

Sew In Labels For Handmade Items UK

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In recent years the growth of people who have decided to make their own handmade items has increased, and when your items are made you may want to add a finishing touch of a label. You may want to display your brand e.g. logo or text and then additional information… Read more »

Custom Woven and Fabric Labels

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We produce a range of sew in personalised fabric labels and they are also a great alternative to custom woven labels, our labels can be highly personalised, are made with quality materials and a bespoke in house developed process that sets us apart from other sellers. There are several sizes… Read more »

Bespoke Labels Made For You

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If you make your own items whether you are starting your own business, have an existing business or are simply making a few items for friend and family a bespoke made for you label is a great way of adding a finishing touch. We can supply a full range of… Read more »

Handmade Sewing Labels UK

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If you’re looking for handmade sewing labels made in the Uk that can be highly personalised and are available in several sizes including both 10mm and 25mm it’s something we can certainly help you with. Labeling is very important because it allows you to ultimately finish a product and proudly… Read more »