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We can supply a range of sew in made with love labels in either a standard design e.g. made with love by your name or if you have your own logo/design in mind we can also work with you to produce something truly unique to your brand and/or handmade item. Our made with love labels are available in several sizes including the common 10mm and 25mm sizes, they can also be highly personalised with pretty much anything you would like which includes text, fonts, print colours and motifs.

We primarily make name labels for school, nursery and care home residents and our labels have a proven track record for durability, quality and the fact they are fade free. Over several years we have developed our own bespoke manufacturing processes which allow us to offer labels that can be highly personalised. Our standard personalisation options include 10+ fonts, 20+ solid print colours and over 50+ optional motif which are available in several categories to you.

All of our labels are made in Cambridge UK at our production facility and have been thoroughly tests, our testing includes washing in bio bio/non-bio washing detergents, very hot temperatures e.g. 100c+ and even soaking them in bleach with no adverse effects. All of our labels are supplied pre-cut and sealed to prevent any unwanted fraying, we send our labels in safe secure packaging and via a fast shipping service e.g. Royal Mail 1st as it’s important to use you receive our made with love labels quickly.

Personalised Sew In Name Labels Tags Tapes 25mm and 10mm

We always save designs so if you wish to re-order we can supply exactly the same label, ordering from us is easy and we provide excellent customer service. If you would like to find out more about our made love labels that are made in the UK please follow the links below:

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