Sew In -Vs- Iron On -Vs- Stick On Name Labels

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Whether you are looking to buy name labels for either school or nursery children or perhaps a loved one who’s now staying in a care or residential home you are doing it for a good reason, clothing costs money and if lost can cause unwanted stress, costs and sometimes upset. When it comes to naming labels for clothing there are quite a few options, currently, you iron on, sew in or stick on and they all of their pros and cons some more than most but we will discuss that further one. Whichever name label type you choose e.g. iron on or sew you are going to want them to be durable, fade-free and easy to attach to your desired items of clothing, furthermore it’s important the labels contain all of the important information needed e.g. name, room number or class etc and that they do not fall out of clothing even when washed many times and should be able to withstand hot washes e.g. in a care or residential home environment.

Personalised Sew In Name Labels Tags Tapes 25mm

With most types of name labels they will allow you to personalise them with a name , it could be just in black or a choice of fonts, print colours and even an optional motif e.g. football, heart or flower which can add a special touch to any name label and make it more personalised to a particular person who is wearing the clothes. In most situations, parents or loved ones will simply have the persons name in black and that’s it, so now we have discussed the types of name labels available and how they can be personalised lets talk about the advantages and disadvantages of them below and I hope it will help you decide which type of name label e.g. iron on or sew in you should consider when looking to buy or replace any existing labels.

1. Iron On Name Labels

Iron on name labels have been around for a long time, they provide a label that be personalised with a name in black or 2-3 lines of text (space permitting) and in several primary colours e.g. black, blue, red, pink, green etc and are generally printed used a thermal printer and special wash proof ribbons.


  • Can be personalised and include 1+ lines of text.
  • Easy to apply to clothing.
  • Cost-effective and usually sold in strips e.g. 25, 50 or 100+ etc.
  • Can be used in virtually any type of clothing.


  • Print quality isn’t very good, e.g. text can be fuzzy and motifs aren’t detailed.
  • Limited space for text and any additional information you may want to include.
  • Unless iron pressing instructions are followed they can easily come out during washing or wearing of clothing.
  • Only basic colours can be used for the print.
  • Will fade over time and only last for x months, despite the ink being ‘wash proof’ it’s not.’

2. Sticky Name Labels

Stick on name labels are much like the above iron-on name labels and share many of the pros and cons. Unfortunately much like iron on name labels stick on labels can also fall out of clothing if not applied as per the instructions and can sometimes fade as they are often produced in a similar manner to the above. They do work, can be personalised but aren’t perfect as with everything in life.

3. Sew In Name Labels

Sew in name labels can be personalised much like the above but are made from a satin ribbon material and can come in various widths and lengths e.g. 10mm or 25mm.


  • Durable satin ribbon, can be sewn into virtually any type of clothing. Soft and does not irritate skin of wearer.
  • Won’t fall out unlike iron on or stick on name labels as they are stitched in.
  • Can be personalised with more 2+ lines of text, including many fonts, print colours and optional motifs.
  • Looks more natural looking in clothing.
  • Many widths and lenths available e.g. 10mm or 25mm etc depending on your needs.
  • Ideal for craft businesses and projects e.g. your brand etc


  • Have to be sewn in, slightly slower.
  • Can fade if printed on a thermal printer using washproof inks
  • Can fray if not sealed and cut properly.

I hope the above information has helped you in deciding which type of name label you could use, as you know there are many options available and each has its own pros and cons. Whilst iron on and stick on labels are usually quicker than sewing in name labels to attach to children or loved ones clothing they aren’t nearly as durable as our own professionally produced sew in name labels.

If you would like to use sew in name labels, we have made thousands for both children and care home residents alike and have many hundreds of happy customers to match. Our labels are produced by using a bespoke production process at our facility located in Cambridge UK, we don’t use thermal printers and wash proof ribbons as it does not last and details e.g. name on your labels will fade in the wash and what’s the point in that? There is none, whether you need name labels for your school children or a relative in a care or nursing home with a name or additional details e.g. contact/medical then we can help you. Our name labels do not fade, are available in several sizes e.g. 10mm or 25mm, can be personalised with multiple lines of text, 20+ print colours including full colour, 10+ fonts and 50+ optional motifs in various categories including sports, boys, girls, animals etc.

What makes our sew in name labels so durable? Well, it’s down to our use of high-quality double sided ribbon, an in-house bespoke developed production process and the fact we have tested them to ensure quality. Name label tests include: Washing in both bio/non-bio washing detergent, boiling several times and even soaking them in concentrated bleach with no adverse effects. That’s how we can stand by our fade-free claims and superior quality that we offer, if you would like to find out more please follow the links below:

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