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Made With Love Labels

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We can supply a range of sew in made with love labels in either a standard design e.g. made with love by your name or if you have your own logo/design in mind we can also work with you to produce something truly unique to your brand and/or handmade item…. Read more »

Made By Labels

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Over recent years there is a growing trend of people who have started to make their own handmade items whether it be for profit or for friends and family. In most cases adding a smell made by label is a nice finishing touch. Our labels are available in several sizes… Read more »

Sew In Name Labels Made For You

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If you make your own products you will know it’s important for them to be labeled, this is beneficial in several ways because it promotes brand awareness, allows new potential and existing customers to buy your products again and you can include important information. There are of course many other… Read more »