How to cut ribbon without scissors

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This is a question we get asked a lot if you already work with ribbon or are looking into using ribbon for your craft, personal or even business seller projects then it’s important that you know how to properly cut the ribbon and seal it so it doesn’t fray. Generally speaking, you would use a pair of sharp scissors and various items you can find around your home as described in this article to cut and seal you ribbon properly but of course this particular article isn’t about using scissors and you might not have any although most people do.

So how can satin ribbon be cut and sealed without using scissors and something like super glue or clear nail varnish, both are common but aren’t the only way and if you are making lots of items can be quite slow and not very consistent. There is another way though, it’s by using a hot knife with a small blade attached and typically you can buy them in a craft soldering iron kit. This method uses the power of heat to cut and at the same time seal your satin ribbon which will help to keep and stop the ends from fraying even if you do cut it straight or at a fancy 45 degree angle which is a quite common thing many craft makers will do to make ribbon more aesthetically appealing rather than a basic straight cut although both have their uses of course.

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As a personalised sew in satin ribbon label manufacturer ourselves we use the above method, it allows us to cut many labels at the same time whilst guaranteeing they will not fray and it also makes our customers lives easier as they can remove a label from the package and simply sew it into any type of clothing or another item they have decided to use it for. Satin ribbon is a great and versatile material as it comes in various widths, colors and of course finishes, some ribbon is single sided and others can be double sided which is what we use as it gives a much more luxury feel to the label.

If you do make craft items or run your own business making items that need satin ribbon we can help, our ribbon is high quality and comes in several sizes. Furthermore, we can print virtually any design in full color and best of all it won’t fade thanks to our bespoke in-house developed production processes, if you would like to find out more about personalised satin ribbon labels please follow the links below.

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